To eat your fill at a buffet is one thing, but to get your money’s worth and maximise the deal is another. All-you-can-eat spreads are always tempting us to dive straight for every item available out there. But with a bit of knowledge and strategic planning, you will be able to master the art of buffet binging by the end of this piece.

1. Get Ready:

Ever said along the lines of “Okay I need to starve myself the whole day” before any buffet? Contrary to popular belief, not eating will only shrink your stomach and you aren’t able to eat as much as you want to later on. Getting yourself hydrated is also another tip that would help your digestion during the meal. Have your usual fix for breakfast, and get your stomach ready for a feast in the afternoon!

2. Go for the Lunch:

Buffet restaurants usually serve both lunches and dinners. My foodie experience has taught me to opt for the lunch option most of the time as its much cheaper with almost the same menu as the dinners. Moreover, you wouldn’t want to go to bed with a bloated stomach for that night.

3. Shop Around:

People always say ‘The more the better’, food is the perfect analogy for this. I always try to scan the whole spread of food to identify which stations I would focus on and which stations I would opt out altogether. Moreover, I wouldn’t want to be caught balancing a plate piled with all kinds of food at the end of the buffet line. However much you may like a particular food, try not to over-commit to a dish as it limits the variety of food your stomach can digest. Variety helps to break up the monotony of tastes and allows you to eat even more!

4. Eat the Most Expensive Food

Cut the rice and pastas and go for the most expensive food first! These are usually the meat and seafood, and the most value for money. The rest are just staples or local delights that you can eat on a daily basis.

5. Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race. Take your time in the buffet arena and try as many types of dishes available out there. Another tip is to eat at intervals as well. Whenever you feel full, rest and take a drink. You can resume eating again when you feel ready for another round.

6. Less is More

We often forget one crucial part of the buffet experience is the post-eating feeling. The above guidelines all point towards maximising your food intake to make your money’s worth. However, everyone is different. Some may go home feeling bloated for the next 2-3 hours, some even to the point of discomfort for the whole day. You wouldn’t want to eat to your fill only to go home and expel everything out. Listen to your body, and eat moderately if necessary!

Featured image source: Graphic by Groupon SG (Triple Three Mandarin Orchard)