In light of the upcoming festive season, we would like to introduce you to a sweet treat that has been taking the U.S by storm. Taffy apples, or more commonly known as caramel apples, has been one of the hottest selling candy during the holidays here in the States.

They are created by pouring hot liquid caramel over apples on stick, then allowing them to cool. The final product becomes a thick and chewy caramel mix that would make any frown turn upside down! For more adventurous people who are seeking some fun, try rolling your caramel apple over some nuts or biscuit crumbs. More interesting combinations include sticking M&Ms, gummy bears and even chocolate chips on the caramel apple while its still dripping hot.




Green apples are more commonly used to balance the sweetness of the caramel on your tastebuds. Personally, I would recommend pairing your caramel apple with almond nuts; its not too sweet and its always nice to have some crunch to your apple (: Although I have never seen caramel apples sold anywhere in Singapore, I’m sure they’re slowly making their way to this tiny island this holiday season. If you do happen to come across them, be sure to get your hands on them! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!


IMG_0863 My caramel apple with almond nuts (:


IMG_0860 The variety of combinations I came across in a shop

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