If you do happen to be in the United States, Chipotle is a MUST try place to go to get your Mexican fix. Even if you don’t crave for any Mexican cuisine, I can guarantee you will be back asking for more after your first try. I’ve frequented the restaurants 3 times in the past 10 days and I’m still addicted to it. Best of all, its value for money, filling and HEALTHY.

How Chipotle’s menu works is that you first choose from 5 different kinds of items namely: Burritos, Fajita, Bowls, Tacos or Salads, and the price of your item depends on the kind of meat you picked next. For example, for my meal below I picked a bowl, spicy beef and extra add ons like corn and salsa (which comes in free except for guacamole) and paid around USD$8 for my bowl. In fact, I’ve never successfully finished my Chipotle in the last 3 attempts and will make this one of my goals that I’ll achieve by the end of my exchange semester here (:




Even though I’ve been introduced to Chipotle for only a mere 10 days, the stories behind the food counts for much of my positive experiences from the meals. I’ve forged friendships with an American and a Chinese-American over my first Chipotle burrito, ran to the Chipotle restaurant after classes one night for a Chipotle bowl with my Singaporean friends and joined the snaking queue for my third Chipotle meal after attending our first college football game. The last 2 experiences with my Chipotle ended up in mindless conversations over the dining table with 4 other Singaporean friends! The foodie in me has definitely fuelled my energy to go on regular food hunts around my neighbourhood and the meaningful yet seemingly insignificant stories behind these food hunts certainly matters most when it comes to truly experiencing the American culture.