The name Gordon Ramsay strikes a familiar chord for us Singaporean foodies who have watched his shows (Masterchef, Junior Masterchef, Hell’s Kitchen) growing up. In fact, he has left a very notable mark on our island with his Hawker Heroes Cookoff in 2013 and the appointment of a Singaporean intern at his soon-to-be opened restaurant in Marina Bay Sands in . For an all-time Ramsay fan like myself, I knew I had to take a personal trip down to the Gordon Ramsay Steak Restaurant when I was traveling in Las Vegas.


The exterior entrance outside of Paris Las Vegas gave off an almost majestic feel as we made our way to the restaurant that remained slightly inconspicuous within the casino grounds. Once inside, all diners would have to go through the main entrance, also known as ‘The Chunnel’ – inspired by the tunnel between London and Paris.


Ramsay wanted to achieve a modern Paris concept in a British setting that would sure to draw diners from all over the world. We were led into the restaurant by a waitress who then gave a brief introduction of the place, specially highlighting the history behind this architectural design that was the centrepiece of Ramsay’s restaurant.


It may seemed like a mesh of random curly lines but every neon tube displayed represent Gordon Ramsay’s hand movements while preparing his signature Beef Wellington, against the backdrop of the Union Jack. The dimly-lited place generates a rather intimate setting that seeks a balance of promoting a lively experience through the in-house kitchen and privacy as well.



Everything on the table was arranged to the finest detail to provide a one-of-a-kind dining experience. One of the most note-worthy things was the trolley of steaks that was brought out to us before we placed our orders. Our server then carefully explained the different grades of steaks for the next 5 minutes, which I admit I got lost by the jargons of steak language halfway through. I ordered the Roasted Chicken Breast (with multigrain pilaff, crispy dumplings and limoncello jus) – US$32, which turned out to be very succulent and filling than I thought. The dish was cooked to perfection and I was very impressed by the method of service where it was a rule to have everyone’s entrees served at the same time (we had 4 servers who appeared out of nowhere and professionally laid our food in front of us)

gordon-ramsay-steakPhoto credits: Tripadvisor

image6Roasted Chicken Breast

image7Beef Wellington

image8Sticky Toffee Pudding

Everyone has a second stomach for desserts and it was a must for me to try Gordon Ramsay’s highly raved Sticky Toffee Pudding. We were taught to combine all 3 parts – toffee syrup, pudding and vanilla ice cream, to best enjoy the dessert. It was the most amazing combustion of flavours and had definitely lived up or even exceeded its hype in my opinion. Being the greedy me, I am so glad I got an individual portion all for myself! This sticky toffee pudding was the cherry on top of the cake for my dining experience at the Gordon Ramsay Steak. On the whole, I was very satisfied with the excellent food and ambience of the restaurant coupled with professional and knowledgeable servers who would go out of their way to perfect your dining experience. If you ever find yourself in Las Vegas, be sure to check out this one-of-a-kind restaurant that will blow your palate away!